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Speech Banana
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Great ideaWhen discussing the Speech Banana with parents, use this version to plot their child's audiogram results  - or encourage them to plot the responses! They will see first-hand what speech and environmental sounds their child can hear.

Sound fileI'm a Speech Banana (mp3), by Christine Barton, FIRST YEARS student and co-developer of TuneUps, winner of Therapy Times’ 2009 Most Valuable Product
I'm a Speech Banana: lyrics

Every sound measured has a particular frequency and amplitude. On this audiogram you can see the frequency and amplitude of a variety of common sounds.
Speech banana - the range of frequency and amplitude (pitch and loudness) of average conversational speech
Loudness Levels of Common Sounds (in decibels)
-10 dB
10 dB
20 dB
40-60 dB
Leaves rustling
80 dB
90 dB
110 dB
Rush hour traffic
Food blender
Chain Saw
120 dB
120 dB
140 dB
Rock band
Shotgun blast

Graphics adapted from: Where do we go from Hear? Retrieved June 2007 from
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